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What Is CRO?

Why Is CRO Important?

How Can You Improve Your Ecommerce CRO?

Ecommerce has changed the way we do business for good. The internet and online retail websites forced businesses to develop a whole new approach. We now have to consider different aspects of business such as data analytics, social media, and digital marketing.

One particular area of ecommerce business that is extremely important is CRO (conversion rate optimisation). This article looks at exactly what CRO is and why it is such a vital part of online business.


What Is CRO?

Conversion rate is a statistic that is regularly used in ecommerce to measure the success of a particular function or element. When measuring conversion rate, you are looking at how many customers actually made an action or completed a goal after visiting a website.

For example, you may have a goal of making a purchase after clicking on a product link. Let’s say you had 10 customers click on a product link, and only 5 of them made a purchase. This would be a 50% conversion rate, as only 50% of the customers achieved your goal of making a purchase.


Why Is CRO Important?

CRO is an important measurement of the success of your eCommerce website. Analysing CRO allows a business to see how effective its website is and which areas of are performing well. They can use CRO statistics to see if advert campaigns are paying off, or if things such as product buttons and backlinks from other websites are performing well.

In short, you can basically look at what areas of your ecommerce operation are falling short so you can take corrective actions. CRO allows you to become much more efficient and to create a streamlined online retail store/website.


How Can You Improve Your Ecommerce CRO?

There are many different hacks and tips you can use to optimize conversion rates. To start with, you must ensure that your ecommerce website is as user friendly and easy to use as possible. If customers struggle to use it, find the products they want, or make a purchase, they will quickly become disenchanted and frustrated and ultimately leave the web page.


The following are things you can do to improve the usability of your site:

  • Ensure page loading speeds are quick
  • Eliminate downtime and strive for 100% uptime
  • Ensure your navigation is clear and logical
  • Ensure your website is responsive (i.e. it displays correctly on mobile devices)


These are just a few examples, but there are many more. Aside from ease of use, you can also incorporate many tricks and features to boost conversion rates. For example, allowing your customers to purchase goods as guests is a huge plus.We all know the frustration of having to register an account to make a purchase!

Alternatively, adding something as simple as a PayPal buy now or checkout button can boost conversion rates greatly as it makes your website more convenient to use. To provide more info about the ways in which you can improve your conversion rates, check out the infographic below:


infographic cro hacks

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Joomla version: all


Released on August 17th, 2005, Joomla is a content management system used to publish web content, and as of November 2016, it has been downloaded over 88 million times. It is estimated to be the second most used content management system on the internet.

But what is it that makes Joomla so much better than the other CMSs?

Joomla is very flexible

Since flexibility is the most wanted Joomla feature, the CMS has many extensions and templates (over 7,900) with Akeeba Backup, JEvents, BreezingFroms, and Acy Mailing being among the most popular ones. You could make a blog, business website, intranet, community website – the possibilities are endless. Joomla can adapt to sites of all shapes and sizes, from the simplest to most complex ones, and it can create websites in 72 languages, which is a huge advantage.

This flexibility requires a decent setup, though. Make sure to procure hosting plan that provides the necessary goods. Hostgator Cloud is nicely discounted and packs a punch, while SiteGround is an official Joomla partner and has very affordable, yet powerful plans to accommodate the CMS.

Joomla is incredibly easy to use

The size of this CMS is only 13.0MB when compressed, and 34.1MB uncompressed. It offers multilingual options from the moment of installation and developers constantly contribute towards making the system better and easier to use. Over its entire history, 770 developers have contributed to Joomla. Today, there are 302,820 users in joomlacode.org.

Joomla is a global community

Having a strong, tight-knit community of people that represent the backbone of Joomla is essential to the success of the CMS. Joomla takes great pride in this, which is why there are events such as JoomlaDay, JoomlaNight and Joomla Festival where everyone can come together and celebrate. The worldwide-held events are crucial to the success of this CMS, even if they may not seem like they are of great importance. They provide an opportunity for everyone to connect over Joomla, which creates ground for success and collaborations. Bringing people together is a very clever way to strengthen the community and ensure that the CMS will always have people that are loyal to it.

To get an impression of how good Joomla really is, simply take a look at the sites that use this CMS. Popular websites such as Holiday Inn, The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, MLA College, Linux, GE Transportation, the U.K. National Crime Agency and the United Nations Regional Information Centre For Western Europe are only a few of the many. They are testimonials to Joomla’s exceptional quality as a CMS that separate them from the competition.

Joomla’s awesome features, design, flexibility, and a large number of developers that constantly contribute to the CMS, makes this system one of the best in the market, and it is truly no surprise that more than 3% of the world wide web is running on Joomla.

It has created a huge impact on the internet space as a whole and forced every other CMS to step up their game or stay behind. The best part about Joomla is that there are a million ways you can use the CMS to fit your needs and vision. The user’s creativity is the only limit, and that is what makes it stand out above everyone else.


49 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Joomla (Infographic)

49 facts about joomla