Prometheus, a Joomla! template by szoupi based on the powerful Gantry5 framework, has been released and is free for use


What is Aylo3 template

Aylo3 template has been released and it is available for free. It has been designed to fit news/magazines sites layout but it can serve other sites layout as well. It is based on Gantry5 innovative framework and it is enhanced with some unique features, as described below.

Aylo2 is an awesome template for Joomla 3.x. It is based on cutting edge Gantry5 framework, that means it is highly customizable, easy to use, powerful and responsive. Aylo2 template is free to use for your web projects.

Aylo is powerful and highly customizable responsive Joomla! 3.x Template. It takes advantage of Gantry 5 framework features, is bootstrap powered and is enhanced with extra features. Most of all it 's free.