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7 quick hints to help you notice that your site may have been affected by malware

A site affected by malicious content costs reliability, time and money -least of all. Nobody likes a site to be suspended by google or hosting provider due to malware. So, how can you tell that?

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Concise guide about how to fix your hacked Joomla website from malicious content

In our previous guide we talked about how to scan a site for malware. The next step is to clean your hacked site. The following guidelines are based on Joomla! sites but the methodology can be used for any other database driven (eg wordpress)  or pure html website as well.

Time Reading: 8 min

40 security tips to protect your Joomla site

In our previous articles we discussed how to tell and confirm if your site has been hacked and how to clean your website. This article describes the actions you must take to secure a  hacked or newly installed Joomla! Site.

4 free tools to check your site for malware infection

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So, you had signs that your site might have been affected by malware? How can you confirm that before taking any further measure? Use free online malware scanner services