AYLO3 – Free Responsive Joomla! Template

What is Aylo3 template

Aylo3 template has been released and it is available for free. It has been designed to fit news/magazines sites layout but it can serve other sites layout as well. It is based on Gantry5 innovative framework and it is enhanced with some unique features, as described below.

Feel free to see it in action, download it and use it for your projects

What you can do with Aylo3

Aylo3 is a real time saver especially for sites with many articles. Some of its benefits are:

Auto Thumbnails

Aylo3 template generates article thumbnail from the first image it meets inside the article body. If the articles contains no images, category image will be used. If no category image is set, then a default image will be used instead. If the image field of the article is already set manually, then no action will take place.

News modules variations

Display your articles in various ways using the default Joomla news modules, that have been rewriten from the scratch. Auto Image thumbnails included!

Mouse click customization

Customize fonts, add backgrounds, change links colors, design your page layout and other parts of your site with your mouse only. No code experience required.

Need more?


Aylo3 template can be used unlimited times in unlimited domains.


Optimization for mobile and tablet devices out of the box.

Enriched template features

  • Outline presets
  • Image gallery & Custom Content Particles
  • 7 preset layouts: blue, green, orange, red, purple, gold, navy
  • Multi section (13 rows) layout
  • Improved typography
  • Accent colors
  • Block variations
  • Visual heading / body / hyperlink color management

Gantry5 based

Aylo3 is created with Rockettheme Gantry5 template framework. Some of Gantry5 powerfull features are:

  • Visual Menu Editor
  • MegaMenu Support
  • Layout Manager
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Sophisticated Built-in Fields
  • Theme Inheritance
  • Powerful Particle System
  • Off-Canvas Panel
  • Fast & Lightweight

and many more…

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