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7 web design trends for standout sites – an SEO perspective

Welcome to the world of web design trends! In this article, we’ll explore the latest and most captivating design approaches that can elevate your website’s visual appeal and user experience. From minimalistic and dark mode designs to asymmetrical layouts, microinteractions, custom graphics, responsive design, and bold typography, we’ll delve into each trend, highlighting their unique …

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Joomla! enchanced Newsflash modules

Default Joomla! newsflash module is poorly implemented

Joomla! awarded CMS offers a powerful admin control panel for articles presentation through Newsflash, Latest Articles and Category modules. The problem is that the code for viewing the module in the front-end is poorly implemented. Actually, the back-end offers 3 different views and a lot of fields about article presentation with options to be visible or not. But most of these options are not implemented in the module view.

Drag-n-drop “save for web” linux script for images

The other tools

Photoshop has a great “save for web” command to batch optimize pictures with a few clicks. In linux world I wasn’t able to find such a powerful gui program for batch optimization. The alternatives were Gimp “save for web” plugin, but lacks batching for that specific functionality. Phatch is a very good graphical solution for batch scaling, transforming etc, but the final result wasn’t what i expected. The picture size had not been minimized enough. ImageMagick is a powerfull tool for the job, but no GUI… 

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