Joomla! enchanced Newsflash modules

Default Joomla! newsflash module is poorly implemented

Joomla! awarded CMS offers a powerful admin control panel for articles presentation through Newsflash, Latest Articles and Category modules. The problem is that the code for viewing the module in the front-end is poorly implemented. Actually, the back-end offers 3 different views and a lot of fields about article presentation with options to be visible or not. But most of these options are not implemented in the module view.

Aylo’s enhanced newsflash module

In szoupi Aylo and Aylo2 templates, the code for each of the three Joomla! newsflash module views: default, vertical and horizontal, has been rewritten from scratch. Check Aylo news layout to see the result and download for free Aylo and Aylo2 templates to use it for your projects.

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