Getting Your E-commerce Business From Striving To Thriving

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Getting Your Ecommerce Business From Striving To Thriving

Owning an ecommerce store can be both terrifying and exciting at the same time. It is terrifying because usage stats can literally change overnight. It is exciting because it offers a unique challenge. People cannot “try before they buy” and so there is an element of trust that must be established.

And, while a lot of people like the convenience of being able to shop online, they also like being able to get to a store and have a look at what they are buying. Even more importantly, they like the idea of being able to go home with the item.

In order to come out on top in this arena, you have to be aware of the upcoming trends and, where possible, get ahead of them. You can build a brand as an innovator and be sure to always have the best strategy.

To get you started, our friends at have compiled a list of the top trends to keep an eye on going forward. They have presented the information in a clear infographic that lets you get the gist of things in a few minutes. But, don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!


What Are The Most Important Trends?

Want to know what the most important trends are in the meantime? Let’s have a look.



There is nothing as sweet to someone as hearing their own name. And, in this era of technological advancement, there is nothing quite as awful as receiving a “Dear Client” email or letter. There is no excuse for not personalizing your communication anymore.

But, going forward, getting a “Dear Cathy” letter will be seen as literally the very least that you can do. You have to start thinking of personalization on a larger scale. Like personalizing the offers customers receive so that they can see that you know something about what they like.

For example, you can try targeting your campaigns to match subgroups within your target market. It is more work up front, but there are big rewards. Every communication that your client receives that she doesn’t feel is relevant to her counts against you. By segmenting your clients more, you increase the chances of making sales to those within the target groups.



Hands up, who loves sitting on the phone with a call center or waiting days for your email to be answered? There won’t be many hands raised – we all live busy lives and we want things to move faster. More than that, we expect instant solutions to our problems.

It’s the kind of culture we have developed. Automation in the form of simple chatbots is transforming many services. You should be considering automation as well. Look at things from your client’s perspective; she wants to know if you have the item in grey before she purchases another color.

And, she wants to know now. If you cannot keep up, she is bound to lose interest and move on to a company that can.

Okay, that gives you a bit of a starting point. Now, get ready to dive into the infographic and find out even more stats to boost your business.

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