Top free extensions every Joomla website must have

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Joomla! is a Content Management System (CMS) trusted by millions of users to create their website. It counts more than 75 million downloads until now. Out of the box is a powerful, mobile friendly, ready to use website; nevertheless, its functionality can be greatly enhanced with extensions. Installing extensions in Joomla! is a quick and easy process.

The following list contains my favorite Joomla extensions that I suggest any Joomla site should have (I am not affiliate with them in any way).


1. Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is one must-have extension. The free version offers all the tools you need to take back full backup of your site, unlimited times, without any restriction. It allows to create multiple backup profiles, so i would recommend, apart from the default full site backup profile, to create another one, only database backup profile, for administrative purposes, as the database mainly host the content whereas static content is saved in folders and files. If you post articles frequently and upload media rareley, it is suggested to take database backups more often than full site backups.

2. Akeeba Admin Tools Core

Another powerful tool from the creators of Akeeba Backup. Akeeba Admin Tools Core It gives handy tools to the webmaster to enhance security, fix potential misconfiguration and optimize performance. Although neglected until is really need it is wise to use it in a regular base.

3. JCE editor

JCE editor is an award wining Content Editor for Joomla! that enables you to create any kind of content you want, without limitations, and without needing to know HTML language. It is powerful, flexible, extendable and, most of all, customizable. Although joomla’s default editor is really notable, JCE  takes editing to the next level.

4. Advanced Module Manager

Advanced Module Manager is a perfect extension that changes totally and extend the way Joomla modules manager work. Actually it allows you add or hide modules in every part of your site. It is created by Regular Labs (former NoNumber) and is hard to find any extension made by Peter van Westen that is not worth mentioning. Actually Regular Labs offers to joomla community some of the best and highest rated Joomla extensions

5. OSmap

OSmap adds a search engine friendly sitemap to your site. Sitemaps are necessary for search engines to understand site’s content organization. OSmap is easy to configured and in a few clicks you can have html or xml structures of your site, ready to be used by search engines and automatically updated in regular base.

6. JotCache

Jotcache is an advance solution for page caching. Very flexible and powerful with a lot of options to is an enhanced replacement of build-in Joomla cache. It is a valuable extension, not only for large content sites, but for every website that needs to accelerate page access and improve SEO rank.

7. JCH Optimize

Does your website take too much time to load? Does Google’s PageSpeed Insights gives you low grade and advice you to combine javascript/css files into one and minify files? JCH Optimize does exactly this: combines multiple css and javascripts files into one, and reduces page size, so as to minimize http requests and speed up site load. JotCache and JCH Optimize is a killer combination to improve user experience and start rank high in search engine ranking.

Of course there are more other worth mentioning extensions. What are your favorite extensions? What would you suggest? Feel free to add a comment below.

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